Indou (indou) wrote in pottersales,

HP doujinshi for sale

Hi :) I suppose I'll start things off here! I have several Harry Potter doujinshi currently for sale on my site Here. It's a new site (less than a week old) and I started it without any prior HTML knowledge, so don't laugh 'cause it's ugly ::grin:: I'm still adding books on a regular basis, and there's lots to go (just in case you're interested)... Just click on the "For Sale" link!
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Hey, I'm interested in the 3 book set of doujinshi for $17. However, I live in the UK, so a bit nervous of what you chage for postage (saving for a convention), if you can send it. If you're interested, please e-mail me at Thanks!
I've emailed you~
By the way, I love your icon... ::botherbotherbother::